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My uncle called me.  He said he sent a music file to his desktop from his music library and it changed all shortcuts in his start menu and his desktop to media files.  So, he played around and wound up changing them all to firefox icons!  I tried to do a system restore, but all restore points were gone!  I tried to do a virus scan via portable software and the antivirus would not run.  Can't start in safe mode either!  I managed to get spybot to run, and it picked up some nasties, but that did no good.  I'm at a loss.  I suspect a virus, but i'm not sure how to get rid of the issue!  Please help!

Hello there

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I have just moved home and haven't had an internet connection for a while.

The main issue here is trying to find out if you are infected on not.  Can you get into task manager and control panel etc?  If you can then I think it probably isn't a virus.

Either way what has happened is your registry settings have changed for file associations by the sound of if.  I had something similar before, I fixed it by;

1) Go to control panel and open "programs and features"

2)in the pane on the left select "Turn windows features on or off" this will take a few minutes.

3)in the list of folders that will appear look for "Media Features" and expand it and make sure untick all options. Press ok to close.

4) Reboot the pc.

Should be ok after and you can add the media options back again if you need to.

Hope this helps


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