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hello mike!

i have a windows 7 laptop and i may have a virus or two. i downloaded AVG 2013 and it got rid of them all, then they all came back. now the real questions that i really want an answer to are...

Q1:if i reset my laptop (so its almost brand new) will the viruses go or will they just stay on my laptop?

Q2:is there any chance that i could start my laptop up like a new one eg. have no saved documents, delete everything i have downloaded make it fast again just so its kinda brand new again? if so how do i do that? i dont want to reboot it and all that if its not going to reset my laptop because thats what i want.

i really hope you can help me with these im thinking about buying a new laptop (an apple) but the price is to much for me so i just want to see if any of the above will work :)

Thanks :)

Hello Natasha

I believe those viruses you have are more like malware as most viruses you get these days are not like the old days where your computer would disconnect from the internet and/or not even turn on without monkeys going across the screen. Today the viruses are more malicious in that they install annoying pop ups like "registry repair" and "speedy pc tool" that won't go away until you pay for the remove by giving out your credit card (which you should never do because that won't get rid of them either and now you also have an even bigger problem--credit card fraud).  

What I suggest doing is visiting my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and install all the programs from the PINK section.  The fact that you installed AVG is ok but not great. I have had much better success with AVAST as it is less bulky (your computer doesn't get bogged down as much) and you can perform a 'boot time scan' which scans all of the files of your computer outside of the windows environment which will help remove those malicious items within the services and start up.

As well you are going to want to perform a full scan using Malwarebytes, Use the TOOLS within CCLEANER and disable and delete the start up files that are known to be malicious. If you aren't sure what they are then don't worry about that initially as the malwarebytes program as well as the boot-time virus scan from Avast should do  the trick.

As to your question of resetting your computer.. since it is a laptop and most laptops these days do not come with the windows disk and instead this 'factory image' is on a hidden partition of the hard drive. Therefore to perform a true factory reset you will typically have to allow the retore of the factory image and yes, this will restore your computer back to the way it was when you got it.  In some cases you are given the option to simply restore the system files keeping your data intact and that is what I would suggest doing first (but only if the removal of malware using the methods I mention with the software programs first.)

The second part of your question I answered together with regards to the factory image.  Since you have windows 7, the easiest way to find this information is to type 'recovery' from the start menu search box.    If it is an ACER or ASUS for example, it will have the factory recovery program. Dell has this as well.

In some cases you will have to press the F9 key (or other Function key) to access the factory partition upon turning on the computer but you can learn more about this by simply doing a google search on the make of your laptop and "factory recovery"

ie:  if it is Asus do a google search for Asus Factory recovery
ACER search for ACER factory recovery

Hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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