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Windows 7/windows won't shut down and hangs up


Windows 7 program home edition on Dell won't shut down when I click the button; it hangs up on "shutting down".  I have to turn off and turn on.  Also, it will hang up on program, and when I click out of program, it tells me program is still running, even though I can't find it.  And when I have it sleep, it won't wake up; I can move the cursor, but the screen remains black.  I've taken it to a tech who says there is nothing wrong with the computer.  What should I do? All this has been going on about a month, after performing flawlessly for a couple of years.  I"ve tried setting it back to previous configs as well.

Hello Don,

Please perform a System Restore by selecting the oldest restore point that only contains System Updates.

Do this whilst disconnected from the Internet. If that does not work for you, I am afraid you'll have Dell  System Factory Restore. Do this after backing up necessary files through Safe Mode.



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