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A friend recently asked could I speed up his computer running Win 7.  And this went well based on previous suggestions from you relating to virus removal and general maintenance etc.  During the process I uninstalled and reinstalled AVG and Malwarebytes.   The new download for AVG (free) is only a 30-day trial.  And there is a constant pop-up window reminding the user of that fact.  Is there a "cleaner" (free) version of an anti-virus program that can be installed that does not subject the user to pop up windows and an opportunity to buy a paid version?   Years ago I used spybot.  Is this still a good one?

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I know that Microsoft security essentials doesn't do nag screens or popups
and you can get it from

also bitdefender free version does not, but free registration is required or the program will stop updating after 30 days. and you can get it from

also avast and you can get it from

spybot & malwarebytes are not a complete antivirus to protect computer , they target specific malwares but having them can add an extra layer of protection but probably will slow down the machine having an antivirus and another malware scanner running at the same time.

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