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QUESTION: I have an Acer laptop with windows 7 and a couple months ago I turned it on and it said it was updating a lot of files. Possibly over a hundred??? ever since then it takes a long time to boot up. When I am on a website and I click on a link that opens another page 3 windows open up to get it with the first two blank. When I press ctrl-alt-del it shows over 70 things running. In the listing there are several "programs" that have an * in them ( I never saw this before) There are several things labeled modules  including a persistence module. I found out if I end certain "programs" that they will reappear unless I turn off this persistence module. and some will reboot the computer if I turn them off. Is there a list that shows what should be running and how do I stop them from coming on when the computer boots up? Or what else can I do?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question!

For starters, let's check out what programs are running at startup.  To do this, you can click on Start > Run or hold the Windows key and press 'R'.  When you get the run dialogue box, type "msconfig".

From there, click on "Startup" and go through the list of programs, unchecking the ones you do not want to run when the system boots.

When done (this next step isn't necessary, but you can proceed if you wish) click on the 'Services' tab.  Find the checkbox that says "Hide all Microsoft services." and make sure it's checked.  You can then select or deselect any services you do not want to run at boot.

Let me know how this goes for you!

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QUESTION: I did this and there was a couple that said unknown so I checked stop as you said but there ia a normal start up as well as a specilized one and if I stop them on the normal they will continue on the other and vice versa. I also do not know what most are even for. Any idea what should be there?

ANSWER: Would you be able to screenshot that for me?  Just so I can get a better idea.  


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QUESTION: Probably but I don't know how to do that

Sorry for the time it took to reply.  To take a screenshot, make sure what you are screenshotting is the active window (the one you are currently using).  Hold down the "ALT" key and press the button stat says "Print Scr" which is usually located on the top right side of the keyboard, near the numberpad.

You can also use a tool called "Snipping Tool" if you type that in the Windows 7 Start Bar.  When it opens, simply drag your mouse over what you want screenshotted.

Let me know if you would like clarification.

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