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Dear Chris,
I have just installed Win. 7 and, having been used to XP until recently, I am finding it some what confusing. Could you kindly let me have or tell me where to find some kind of "instruction manual" for Win. 7, terminology, conventions etc., (i.e. - such as placing all my shortcuts on the desktop, and more to do with installing programs etc.?
Very many thanks,

I do apologize for the time it took to formulate a reply. A previous beginner with Windows 7 told me he used this eBook to help him learn the ropes.  If this eBook has anything that you would like clarification on, feel free to ask!

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I have familiarized myself with the windows environment since Windows 95. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems i am familiar with, and am willing to help anybody with problems they may have. Be it hardware, software, or simply the Windows environment itself.


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