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Windows 7/Win7 is being problems


Win 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
Manu- ASUSeK
Proc- P(R)Dual Core E5300 2.60GHz 2.60
Ram- 1GB but another 1GB being problem when install
Sys- 64bit

Installed softwares>
Eset Nod32, WinRAR, ACPI ATK0110 Driver, Mozilla Firefox, Bitcomet Torrent Downloader, Internet Download Manager, Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius Pro, Teracopy for faster copy & K-Lite Codec Pack.
Without installed means Portables are Advanced System Care Pro & CCleaner.

Problems: Hello Sir, I am Sakib from Bangladesh. Here is I am new & hope u give me the needed troubleshoots. When I set up windows, my pc works normally but someday later it goes to slow & hang. Cursor slows, program & window hangs, when clicking always all program comes at so so so delay.

I am so disappointed with my pc behaves. I have two ram 1GB & 1GB but when I install another ram then my pc does not working & monitor doesn't come or show the screen. Now 1GB ram I am using cause another ram does problem.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Good Morning

What you need to do first is to check your resources in windows by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL, select "task manager" and then "performance" here you will able to see if your CPU, memory or network card is stressed. It is worth spending some time in these features and you will also be able to what programs are using resource.

I think 1GB for win764 is not enough, in fact Microsoft recommends 2GB as a minimum  for win7 64bit.  I think your saying when you install a second 1GB the PC doesn't come on?  You will need to check that the RAM is the same model as the one already in and then check with the manufacturers web site of your motherboard and it should tell you what slots you need to use for the size of your RAM sticks, people tend to put them side by side, but this isn't always how they should go, it could be various others slots used instead.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Dear Sir, I have tried the task manager, in the process & service tab I stopped some issues. Eset scan, CCleaner scan+registry, Ontrack HDD bad sector repair tool scan, ASC scan plus those has some options & I try those also probably as per day.
I am a professional Video Editor & but video editing software like Edius Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro having lot of problem with hangs. At this time please boss give me the useful solution.

Thanks & good day...

good morning

Like I have already explained, if you are running  win 64 bit on 1gb of ram your going to have problems, your extra stick of RAM might be just faulty and even if its ok, you wont be able to video editing very well with such an under powered pc. video editing requires a lot of memory and a good graphics card.  You wont be able to run such software very well on your hardware, just like you wouldn't be able to run one the latest games, 6gb of ram is standard these days.


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