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QUESTION: Dear Expert,

I was given a windows 7 laptop to repair its blue screen. After a few hours of playing around, moving out its physical memory, hard drive and other stuff, I got it working by using system restore.

However the computer is running very slow which I should be able to address. The real problem is that it now turns off by itself so its difficult to even get a chance to study the computer. Do you think this could be a virus and how best to deal with it? Take out hard drive and scan?

ANSWER: Hi Craig

Sounds like the CPU fan may not be working and/or is running very slow.. try taking a can of compressed air (with the computer off of course) blow in through the exhaust vents on the side/back of the computer. This will blow the fan blades in the opposite direction, dislodging any hair that gets wrapped around the axle. Then of course blow through the bottom of the laptop as well, which is the normal intake area.. if the CPU fan was running slow, due to this being the problem that may get you back in business but you may have to replace the CPU fan completely as that is usually why the system would be shutting down.  The other issue is the GPU (graphics card) which generally does not have a fan but just cooling fins and if the GPU is on its way out, this too can cause issues with system shut down.. you may want to see if there is a BIOS upgrade for the laptop which may solve a lot of these issues.  
Finally, the hard drive itself may be on its way out.. especially if you are getting it up and running but it is slow.. with any laptop, the hard drive is quite often the first thing to go and fortunately if you do have it up and running you can clone a new drive to prevent having to reinstall everything. This way you can see for sure if it is the hard drive or not.

Hope this helps


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Mike. I may not have been clear with my question. I have tried all the stuff you mentioned. I think it could be a virus. I took out the hard drive before and boot it up using one of my CD. I have checked the fan before because I thought it may be over heating. I am lost as to why it is now shutting off by itself.

Hello again

Sorry for the delay but for whatever reason this was stuck not forwarded to me through allexperts and now noticed it in my followup folder.

If you have done what you say you have, then my guess is the hard drive itself is most likely on its way out... the only true way to know if things are working right would be to reformat/partition the hard drive and start fresh.  In the case of most drives that are beginning to fail, you will find that you don't get much life out of it with continual errors or slowness and/or system shutdown all of a sudden, for no reason.  Personally for the price of a new hard drive I wouldn't even waste my time with the problem drive and would first try cloning the existing data to a brand new drive. That way if you still have troubles you can rule out the drive and know that it is more likely registry issues due to an old virus and/or malware that has since been removed.

If you haven't already run the sfc scannow you should.. learn how to do this from this link:

Hope this helps


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