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Hi Kevin,
 I need some guidance on creating partitions & logical drives in Windows 7.

 I just purchased a new system (Intel i5, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM). I am trying to create partitions. I have created 3 primary partitions (illustrated picture attached), I am unable to create extended partitions that would enable me to create multiple logical drives.

 Windows 7 permits only 3 primary partitions, the third primary partition (E - as illustrated in pic) is of size 531GB, I want to create extended partition in it, to crate multiple logical drives. Please guide me how to perform this.

 There is one more thing, while creating partitions the OS automatically created a partition (System Reserved) of 100GB size. What is this.


Hi Sumazu,

Windows 7 won't be able to extend and those partitions. You will need to use third party partition tools to do that. Even though this should be safe, I highly recommend that you back up your data whenever you do something like this. Take a look at Easeus Partition software at:

The 100MB partition should contain your boot files. It's created by Windows and should be left alone.


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