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QUESTION: I have win7 64Bit and iE 11 and in Tools and Advanced I put a check in Delete Browsing History On Exit.

And it works but it also Deletes my Passwords from WebSites that I go to all the time.

So I have to Login to every WebSite over and over.

Is there any way to have iE 11 Delete Browing History but remember my Passwords to WebSites?

ANSWER: Hello Bob

Actually the best thing you can do is stop using IE all together :-)  Move on over to Chrome and actually enjoy surfing the web with speeds and security.. but maybe that is just me, knowing that when a client ends up using IE I end up spending more time cleaning malware...

In any case, if you are using IE then you may want to take a look at this quick tutorial put together by microsoft which should help you with the 'remove history without removing passwords'

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QUESTION: I was using FireFox but it was giving me a screen all the time saying The Plugin Stoped Working and I had to close it and go back.

Google Crome I Hear that Google keeps Track of everything you do with the Browser.

I know google keeps Logs of everything you do on the web Search Site but I Hear the Crome makes it Easeyer for them.


The US Government keeps track of everything you do and as they will say "If you aren't doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about" :-)  Actually Microsoft is no different when you use IE and if you do use IE then you are more susceptible to complete strangers monitoring what you do through the many many malicious hacks available to those that use IE.

Also, take note that you can use the incognito mode within google chrome which will not track anything.. no history either so you can feel more confident if you are that paranoid.

With regards to Firefox, that is one of the reasons I don't recommend the browser to my clients, as it requires constant maintenance with regards to the plug-ins that are necessary just to make the browser function effectively.

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QUESTION: OK iE has In Privite Browsing and Google Crome has the In Cog Browsing.

So what makes Crome less easyer to be Hacked then iE?

Hello once again

There is a competition each year in Vegas blackhat conference where they try to hack in to system browsers and IE has always been the easiest. I think one year in less than 30 seconds. Whereas it wasn't until 2013 that Chrome was hacked in to.. you can take a look from this link:

Not to mention Chrome is just so much faster than IE.  

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