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QUESTION: Hello, I'm hoping you'll be able to help me with some computer problems I'm having.  I had asked Lenny from the UK but he stated he doesn't answer homework questions.  I suppose I should be glad he didn't assist me as anyone that makes assumptions then reactas as if they are facts, truth be told, don't need that kind of help.  But, I regress...below are the issues I'm having with my PC.

1) BSOD - Memory Management
2) BSOD - PFN List Corrupt
3) Update driver for generic USB
4) Random PC restarts

Currently use MBAM and Ccleaner on my Win7 64 Pro system.

If you require additional information, do ask.  Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
I do not understand your question.  I assume your are having 4 different issues with your computer.
For the Memory issue the following link has a program that tests your memory for failures.
Click the link that says Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)

Extract the zip file and burn the ISO file to a CD

You most likely will not be able to update the driver for the USB hub unless you have a disk from the manufacture

Random restarts could be any number of things.  Could be Mal-ware or virus, or hardware issues.
When cleanup a computer I use:
CCleaner and CCenhancer.  CCenhancer adds functionality to CCencleaner ( and (
Spybot Search and destroy (
Mal-warebytes (
AVG Antivirus (

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Whenever I get the BSOD, it will either be due to Memory Management or the PFN List being corrupt.

Obviously I have no idea how to burn an ISO file to a CD.  I tried but seems I'm unsuccessful.  Does it have to be an unused CD or one of a certain size?

I went to PCPitstop and Panda and it seems m PC is virus free so that's a good thing.

ANSWER: Hi Chris
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

I should have made my self clearer.  and ISO is a bunch of files compressed into one file for easy downloading.

Windows 7 can burn the ISO to a CD for you.  Follow the directions in the link below

Once it has finished burning leave the disk in the cd drive and reboot, make sure your computer boots of the CD.  If it does the computer will not go into Windows but into memtest and immediately start testing your memory.  Any thing red at the bottom of the screen indicates you have bad memory.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: When I tried to burn the files onto a CD I received the following "Status: There is no recordable disc in your disc burner. Insert a blank recordable disc, and then try again"  There seems to be nothing on the CD-R but out of 702MB it states 674MB is free.  Does the CD have to be one that has never been used?

Hi Chris,
If you are using a CD-R or DVD-R, yes it has to be a brand new never before used CD.

You can also download a thumb drive version.  There is a file with this version called Memtest86+ USB Installer.  It is the only file in the download.  Run it tell it the thumb drive to use and it takes care of the rest.

When you go to test your memory with it make sure the system boots off the thumb drive and not the hard drive.


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