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I had one of our IT staff attempt to download arcGIS software on my laptop but I did not have enough space and my computer got 'stuck' and another staff member had to reinstall the Windows root system.  
He created additional space on my C-drive and successfully installed the arcGIS.
Everything seemed to be okay, but now I notice that my computer 'freezes' up a lot.  That is, when I turn it on, after several minutes or so; I see that Windows is 'Not Responding' or Mozilla Firefox is 'Not Responding' or Microsoft Word is 'Not Responding'.
I have a lot of space on my C-drive now.  He also installed an antivirus/security software Eset Smart Security.  Could this be interfering with the operation of these other programs?
Please help.
Thank you.

Hello Barbara

As I had never heard of Eset Smart Security I checked it out.. it is not free so unless this person paid for it, you have 30 day trial version which you will end up paying for and from what I see, it probably isn't worth it.. personally, for all of my clients I use AVAST Antivirus which is free. Although they do offer a paid version, it is not required, nor in my opinion, wanted due to the fact that it actually does too much. The point in a good antivirus program is to provide a reliable product that is not too obtrusive, causing your computer to slow down while it continues to monitor your computer.  With the paid version, it offers to check for product updates for other software you have installed, as well as monitor website surfing, etc, etc... as a result your computer becomes very slow, therefore using the free version of Avast and then utilizing other malware/spyware scanning software, which you also use only as a tool to scan and remove, not constantly monitor, is the best method in keeping your system free and clear from the malware/spyware that causes so many problems and slow downs. I suggest visiting my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page where I would suggest installing all the items from the PINK section as they will help with the ongoing cleaning, removal and maintenance of malware/spyware and other registry issues. CCLEANER and MALWAREBYTES work the best. you can also learn how to use CCLEANER and its tools from the following website:

With regards to arcGIS, this too is not free software and comes with a 30 day trial so be sure you are using the full version and have the license key.  The thing about arcGIS is that it is mapping software and that utilizes a lot of memory (RAM) as well as utilizing a pretty big 'swap file' therefore you will need room left on your hard drive.. with windows 7, anything under 2 GB of remaining hard drive space you will notice things really start to slow down.  If you have an IT person that can do the work, I suggest purchasing a new hard drive, one that is much larger.. for example, if you currently have a 500gb hard drive, you will find for under $100 you can purchase a 2 or even 3 TB hard drive. This IT person should have the resources to CLONE the drive and quite simply transfer everything as it is currently installed on to the new hard drive without the need to reinstall programs.  (software like Paragon Hard Drive Manager will work to clone the drive as this is what I use) This will ensure you have lots of available space for now and for future.

I hope this helps


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