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QUESTION: Was able to use memtest but have no idea which module might be bad.  Here's the information:

Ram Info PC3-12800 DDR3 XMP 800MHz 10-10-10-27 Corsair
Test:6 Addr:3BE571190 Expected:FFFFEFFB Actual:FFFFEFFF CPU:0
Test:6 Addr:3DF479190 Expected:FFFFFFDB Actual:FFFFFFDF CPU:0
Pass 90% Test 100% Intel Core i7-2700k@3.50GHz
Test 10 [Bit fade test, 2 patterns, 1 CPU]
Testing 0x82E000000-0x82F000000 Pattern:0xFFFFFFFF Errors: 2
Lowest Error Address: 0xeBE571190 (15333MB)
Highest Error Address: 0x3BF479190 (15348MB)
Bits in Error Mask:0000000000000004
Bits in Error Total:1 Min:0 Max:1 Avg:1
Max Contiguous Errors:1
Test Errors
0     0
1     0
2     0
3     0
4     0
5     0
6     2
7     0
8     0
9     0
10     0

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
The only way to tell which stick of memory is bad is to remove all but one and test each one individually.  If you you only have two sticks, which can not be determined from the program, they both will need to be replaced.  Newer memory is designed to work together as one unit.  Replacing one stick and not the other throws that unit out of sync.

The good news because you have corsair memory you can get it replaced under warranty.  Go to the website below to create an RMA.  You will need to create an account.


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QUESTION: Hey Kevin, so this test is saying two sticks are bad? I have four (8GB each).  If I remove 3 and test 1 and it's good, can I leave it in and test another or will that add to the test time?

Hi Chris,
Not necessarily you most likely only have 1 stick bad, but because they are designed for optimal performance in pairs both sticks in the pair would need to be replaced, even if only one of the sticks is bad.

Because you have 2 pairs I would take one pair out and test the other.  If it passes, then swap them out and test the other pair.  Make sure not to mix the pairs up.  Even though all four sticks may be the same model mixing up the pairs will through out the synchronization.  This is called dual channel

Usually the pairs are identified by two different colored slots.  IE on pair is black, and one pair is blue for example,

They may also be marked as DIMM A_1 and DIMM A_2.  If they are marked this way the markings will be on the motherboard near each slot.

A couple of tips when working inside a computer.
First make sure the computer is off. While some hardware like USB devices are hot swapple, IE can be inserted or removed while the computer is running, most items inside the computer are not.

Second turn the computer off but leave it plugged in, this keeps it grounded and helps with electrostatic discharge (ESD).  You know it as static electricity, this is a killer for some components.  Not as much of a problem today as it was 10 or 15 years ago, but still something to keep in mind.

Third make sure that a part of your body is touching the computer case at all times.  I usually lay one arm on top of the case.  This ensures that you and the computer are equally charged.

Fourth touch the computer on the case before touch any components inside the case.

As I said ESD is not really an issue today, but better safe than to be sorry.


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