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Windows 7/Hard disk (sorta) question..


I bought a used computer (Dell Optiplex 980) running Windows 7 to replace an older computer running Windows XP.
I found out that the version of Windows 7 on the computer was a bootleg version, so I bought a legitimate version (Windows 7 Ultimate) to install.
During installation, I found out that the hard disk had two partitions.  I would prefer to only have one...and I would like to wipe the disk clean before I try and install my new Windows 7.
My questions:  1.  How do I wipe the hard drive clean so I can install Windows 7 without any conflicts with older system files, etc.?  And 2. How do I delete the two separate partitions, and just create a single partition on my hard drive?  (I guess a single partition would work, right?)
Any suggestions, advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,

Hi David,

You can boot from the Windows 7 CD and follow the on screen instructions. You should see a screen where you can select the two partitions and click on the delete button. Delete both partitions and then select the remaining partition and click Next to begin the Windows 7 installation. You may want to format the drive first by clicking on format button before clicking Next.


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