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QUESTION: Scott, here's one that I havent seen in 17 years of PC usage and I'm stumped.
I uninstalled my Roxio CD/DVD burning suite because suddenly it would not start, giving a missing .dll error.
Then I went through the normal install steps like a million times before. When I got done there was no Roxio Ultimate folder in "Program Files" even though there were no errors during the install.  The program did show up in Programs & Features but nowhere to be found when it comes to folders, shortcuts, etc.
So I used my Advanced System Care to uninstall it and remove leftover registry entries.  Oddly the uninstall completed in about 7 or 8 seconds, much too quick considering the size of the program.
Then I re-installed. Again, all looked normal, the Roxio setup wizard returned no errors, nothing. WHen it was done, same thing, no Roxio folder at all in Program Files.
I know the installation CD is fine because I brought it to my laptop and did the same thing and it installed and shows up and works.
This is the same computer it has worked on for several years, nothing has changed, no updates, no permissions changes, nothing. Its business as usual for the computer. I'm baffled and I really need this program back on there.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
RAM: 8 gigs
AMD Athlon Dual Core 5600+

ANSWER: Hi dave

This sounds really odd.  All that springs to mind is hard drive corruption, have you checked windows event viewer for drive errors?

You could try a chkdsk /f at a command prompt and try uninstall/reinstall again.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hey Scott,
Nah its not that.  The hard drive is good. Other things install with no problem. I've pretty much given up.

HI there

Other things might install fine, it doesn't mean there isn't some bad sectors on the drive.  Infact I had a similar issue in work the other day, I did find a CRC check failure on the drive in windows event viewer and a drive swap was required.  Windows is also pretty poor at checking drives, you could try Drive Sentinel or CrystalDiskInfo to get some accurate SMART info and ratings.

Also a drive could still pass SMART and have corruption, I would try a CHKDSK /F anyway, it wont do any harm.  Just thought I would expand a little, in work we have somewhere around 80,000 pcs all running right now and I see a lot of strange things with drives.

Also Roxio might/should keep a install log, usually a text file, if you can find that and have a read it might help you.
I have this for you, let me know what it says please:



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