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QUESTION: Kevin, here's one that I havent seen in 17 years of PC usage and I'm stumped.
I uninstalled my Roxio CD/DVD burning suite because suddenly it would not start, giving a missing .dll error.
Then I went through the normal install steps like a million times before. When I got done there was no Roxio Ultimate folder in "Program Files" even though there were no errors during the install.  The program did show up in Programs & Features but nowhere to be found when it comes to folders, shortcuts, etc.
So I used my Advanced System Care to uninstall it and remove leftover registry entries.  Oddly the uninstall completed in about 7 or 8 seconds, much too quick considering the size of the program.
Then I re-installed. Again, all looked normal, the Roxio setup wizard returned no errors, nothing. WHen it was done, same thing, no Roxio folder at all in Program Files.
I know the installation CD is fine because I brought it to my laptop and did the same thing and it installed and shows up and works.
This is the same computer it has worked on for several years, nothing has changed, no updates, no permissions changes, nothing. Its business as usual for the computer. I'm baffled and I really need this program back on there.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
RAM: 8 gigs
AMD Athlon Dual Core 5600+

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

Sorry for the delay.

Did you also check the Program Files (x86) folder since you have Windows 7 64-bit it has both a 32 bit Program Files folder (which is the x86) and a 64 bit folder (which just says Program Files).

Try disabling your antivirus program temporarily and see if you can install Roxio back. Another thing to try is to right click on the install file and run it as administrator to see if that helps.


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QUESTION: Thanks Kevin.  I failed to note that I'm an experienced computer user and tech support agent of many years, my fault, sorry. So yes I'm quite aware of the 2 program files folders and what goes in them. What I meant by not showing up, is in Start, Programs. Either way, Roxio is still not in the x86 folder. Its not anywhere at all on the computer after the install.
I did try to run as admin before contacting you (one of my tricks as a tech support guy). I've also cleaned the registry several times.
I did not try to install with the A/V disabled because I've never had to, including when I installed Roxio in the first place. But I'll give it a shot and get back to you.
There has to be something else going on here, really strange.

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

Did you get a chance to try the reinstall with the A/V disabled?

I know you said it installed fine on the laptop, but let's try this:

- Copy the entire cd contents to your computer.
- Then try installing Roxio again from that local folder without the CD.


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QUESTION: Hey Kevin,
I did try with the A/V disabled but that didnt work.
I copied everything from the CD onto the hard drive but same thing.
After I'm done the Roxio entry always shows in Programs and Features but the program is not installed.

Hi Dave,

I'm about to run out of ideas at this point because there's no errors. One last thing I can think of now is to check the Windows Event Log. Try installing it again and check the event viewer to see if there are any error or warning messages.


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