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I have a home based business - I use Word 2007 and Word Perfect 12 on a PC.  I will be having a temporary worker using my computer while I am out of town.  I don't want that person to have access to anything on my computer except the specific documents she will be using.  I have already set up another user name, but am not able to figure out how to get the documents onto the desktop for that user.  I assume that all I need to do is set a password for my name so that no one can access it except me.  But, how do I get the documents onto the new user desktop?

Hello Marlene

Actually so long as you have placed a password on the account you do not want access to and then either moved or copied the documents you want to the 'shared documents' folder, then any other account will be able to access them.  Yes, you can also place them on the new accounts desktop but that is not the best solution since placing documents on the desktop directly are more likely to be accidentally deleted.  You will notice the 'shared documents' in the document tree, this is there for the purposes of sharing between accounts and so any account that is password protected, the files placed in the shared documents are accessible by anyone.  If you want to move or copy to that folder and then once in the shared documents, you can RIGHT CLICK and make a shortcut and move that shortcut to the new user account's desktop. That way they have quick access to the file from the desktop but if they accidentally deleted that shortcut on the desktop, it would not delete the actual file.  The creation of this sort of shortcut is a practice well worth investing in for everyone so take a look at your own desktop and count how many actual files are sitting there.. they should be moved to the appropriate places like your documents, or music, pictures, or video and then if you want that quick access, simply right click on it and choose 'send to desktop (create shortcut) if you are in the account you want to make the shortcut to otherwise just create the shortcut and then move that shortcut to the appropriate place.

You also ask how you get the file to the desktop. I would first be moving or copying (if you want the original to stay in your own documents then make a copy) and placing it in your SHARED DOCUMENTS. Then switch to the new user account you have created for your temp worker.  Once in that account go to the file explorer and choose your account's shared documents and that is where you will find the file(s) you placed there. Now just right click on each one and from the menu choose 'send to desktop (create shortcut) and it should create a shortcut on the desktop of the account you are currently on. Alternatively you can make the explorer window small enough so that you can also see the desktop and simply drag and drop the file as it should create a shortcut.

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