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Hello. I have been having issues with my Win7 os. Over the past few months little issues have been popping up that has made using win7 increasingly difficult. The latest and largest issues I have had started yesterday. So as I was updating windows systems (internet explorer 11 security) I was continually receiving failed installs (10-15). I continued to have issues attempting to switch virus protection from Bitdefender to Kaperskey (Bitdefender lic expires soon). I removed Bitdefender and Kaperskey failed to install several times even with tech support helping (to which they determined it is my os that is malfunctioning). Tech support and their antivirus software detected zero viruses.

So today I decided to do a system restore to a point before I tried doing the windows updates and just do the updates one by one to determine which update is causing the failures. My PC was unable to perform the restore twice. I then was successful in restoring in Safe mode. Unfortunately, as before, windows kept failing at all updates. The PC repairman I took it to wants nearly $200 to fix the issue (which is not a guarantee fix). So, I have decided to order my Win7 recover disc from the manufacturer and reinstall Win7. Will this fix the issues I have been having?

Thank you, Jared

hi there

It sounds like you have some corruption, it could be windows certificates or corruption in windows/system32 for instance.  the failed installs should give you a failure code, can you tell me a couple of these so we can start looking a little deeper, also what are the updates that are failing?



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