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QUESTION: I have Win7 and my iE got very massed up.
If I go into Organize Favorites I get the Error code and yes I did all the Fixes and even did some Registry things and no good.

If I do this type of Install

Will this keep all my Programs and Fix my IE?


You should be fine doing a reinstall on top of your current Windows version. Even though your data should remain intact, I highly recommend that you backup your data anyway. I have seen cases where something went wrong and data may be lost.

Before you do that, did something happen to cause that problem? Are you having any other issues besides IE? If it's just IE, what exactly did you try already since you mentioned that you did some fixes? Try resetting IE web settings if you haven't done so already:


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QUESTION: One more thing I got Speccey Free to get the system information.

And it works good but when I install it it goes right in and does not ask me where to install it.

But it did go into c:\program\files
but I did not like that it never asked me.

Am I ok is this how this program works?

How are you running that program? You can right click on it and go to Properties to see where is the application. It might just be a single file that's executable which means it won't need to be installed in Program Files.

Yes, that program should be fine.


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