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hi..i have win 7 here and wireless connection. today i turned pc on and got a red x and no internet connection. if that happens again, whats the best way to fix? thank you!

Hello James,

Thanks for your question James. The particular RED X indicates a disabled device within the Operating System.

->Please confirm that the Wireless Switch(located on the sides of the laptop-depends on Laptop Model) stays on.</b> Simply click on the wireless icon, scroll up to the "View Connection Settings" interface and click on the ON/OFF switch.
->If a Desktop, is it connected to the router directly via the Ethernet Port(Follow instructions from ADVICE 2 below?:

1->>Unplug the USB WIRELESS CARD, shut down the PC.
2->>Restart(await full restart) then replug the USB WIRELESS CARD)
3->>Await re-installation of card drivers

If the wireless switch stays on no matter the circumstances but the laptop still keeps loosing connection then please do the following;

1->>Locate the Wireless Notification icon on the bottom right hand of the screen. Right-click and select "Open Network And Sharing Center"
2->>In the newly opened windows, click on "Change Adapter Settings"
3->>Right-click on WiFi and select "Diagnose". A newly opened window pops up.
4->>Problem would be sorted in a short while. Restart the Desktop/Laptop.


1->>Click on Start and type in DEVICE MANAGER in the search interface
2-->>Press ENTER
3-->>When done properly, the DEVICE MANAGER opens up. Click on "Network Adapters" to expand it
4-->>Right click on the particular one that has a RED symbol and select ENABLE
5-->>Give a few seconds then see whether the connection is back.

Hope this assists you, James. Please welcome come back if stuck.

Kindly Yours

Happy September

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