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QUESTION: Hello Mike. As per the attachment I am experiencing a problem accessing another computer on the network. There is no username or password for any of the computers in my home office as yet because I wanted to get this error cleared first. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Hello Robert

Are all the computers you are setting up to share using windows 7 or 8? If so then you will want to use the HOMEGROUP Sharing. The first thing that each computer will require is to be set to the "HOME" network (as opposed to Office or Public place).

You may want to read this link on first setting up the network to home if you are unsure of what I just said:

Follow this step by step instruction from microsoft help as this should get you going. One link is quite through and the other has video screen shots to help:

and this one for video/screen shots:

I hope this helps,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mike, thank you for your answer and help. I should have explained myself a little better. They are setup in Home Group and appear in the relevant places under the network section. But it is when I go to double click on the computer to access it in the network that I get the error message that I sent you. Can you elaborate on it any further at all? Thanks in advance.


Hello again

I believe your problem is you are clicking on NETWORK instead of HOMEGROUP.  You are not attempting to connect to the computers through the network if you have set up the homegroup. These are actually two different ways to connect. The homegroup being the easiest as it allows you to quickly and easily share folder/libraries such as document, pictures, music, video, etc, as well as printers.

When you click on the file explorer click on HOMEGROUP and there is where you should see all of the computers attached to the homegroup.  If you don't see any then from the computer you are on, go to the start menu and type HOMEGROUP and then choose the homegroup from the search results.  If it says you are currently connected then LEAVE the homegroup and upon leaving it, you should then see the prompt 'A HOMEGROUP IS AVAILABLE ON XYZ COMPUTER DO YOU WANT TO JOIN?" and doing so you should be prompted to enter the homegroup password.

I note this because it is common for the homegroup computers to become disconnected if one or more restart or are placed in to sleep mode. By leaving and re-joining the homegroup this should help.

If you are wanting to use the networking then that is an entirely different process.. one in which I suggest you first tackle the easier method which is the homegroup, since you seem to be having troubles with this..  I think you will find all you were doing wrong is clicking on NETWORK instead of HOMEGROUP.


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