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I have a Logitech keyboard G510S.  This keyboard has LCD display that shows the current CPU and RAM among time, etc.  Recently, after working perfectly fine for several months, the LCD display will freeze, will not give anymore info and will stay at the last info, say, CPU 2% RAM 33%.This happens each time  AFTER the computer is recovering from a stand by position. Typing keys are fine.  Keys that control the LCD display won't work.   Unplugging the KB USB and re plugging it, and all is fine again.    I tried this KB on my laptop and it is working fine. I tried changing  USB ports, same.  Uninstalling and re installing the KB program did not solve it either. Changed the time period in Power Option, Power Plans, Turn off display and Sleep, same.   This is not a hardware problem but the way that the KB software is engaging with Windows 7.  

Thank you.

hi there

To be honest waking from sleep mode in windows is known to be a little buggy.  Also there are usually 2 actual USB ports on the average mother board, they are daisy chained together to say 6 ports, 3 ports each.  Even though you have changed ports, you could still be on the same "real" port on the mother board.  Perhaps you could try swapping from front of the PC to the back as this should be a different port on the motherboard, also check "windows event viewer" at the time of waking for any error that may give some extra information.

Let me know how you get on and we will take it from there



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