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I recently got a virus on my pc while searching the web.  My antivirus (zone alarm) caught and quarrentined it right away.  I feel like I have removed it, and also scanned with spybot afterward which showed nothing.  Now, when I try to log in to Amazon, my bank account, anything online that involves a user name and password, there is no cursor in the text box and no way to enter my information.  I have tried to do a system restore but it said that it was unable to do it.  I have run ccleaner but that didn't help either.  If you have any ideas, it would be of great help.  By the way, the text blocks that I had to enter information in for this email worked fine.  Very confusing!

Thank you,

Hi Stacy,
Unfortunately when we clean up a PC from malware infections it is a long process. However when we are finished we are nearly 100% sure it is clean. The process we use is as follows

1 Use CCleaner and MS Disk clean up to delete all temporary and other junk files. Make sure all check boxes are check expect delete saved passwords etc. Also uncheck the very last one in CCleaner "Wipe free space". This will extensively add to how long this step takes. You may need to run CCleaner more than once. Also use CCleaner to clean the Registry
2 Scan with Spybot search and destroy version 1.6. Make sure it is up to date.
3 Scan with Malwarebytes make sure it is up to date.
4 Scan with you anti-virus make sure it is up to date.
5 Reset Internet Explorer (If you do not know how to do this ask a follow with what version of Windows you use and we will help you
6 If you have Firefox installed, clear its history (Open Firefox, click History on the menu bar, click Clear history, Select Everything in the drop down, and make sure all the check boxes are checked, then click Clear Now.
7 If you have Chrome installed clear its history by clicking its equivalent to a menu bar what looks to be three lines underneath each other, click More Tools, then click Clear history. In the new tab that opens Select From the beginning of time from the drop down and check all the check boxes. Then click Clear Browsing History

If any of the browsers are open you will need to close and reopen them. We have found this process to be pretty reliable for cleaning up a system. Their are times on particulary tough systems more needs to be done. If you are still having problems after these steps please do not hesitate to ask a follow up and let us know what version of Windows you are using, IE Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.  

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