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Recently my computer has started to stutter and make a low stuttering noise while I am watching videos. It is occurring while I watch movies on Netflix as well as my windows media player and it does it in both regular and full screen mode. I have not noticed it in the other uses of my computer. After the stuttering the audio does not become out of sync. I know my computer recently downloaded a whole bunch of updates a few days ago so I'm unsure if that is the cause of it. This is never happened to my computer before, just wondering if I should restore my computer to before the updates too place or if you can think of another fix. I have also run a virus scan and it found one infected file that I have deleted but the problem persist. Oh and I have also tried restarting my computer and that did not help either.
Thanks in advance for you help

ANSWER: Hello Janine

There are a few great programs you will want to use to ensure you are free and clear from any malware/spyware issues. The first being CCLEANER and the next MALWAREBYTES.  This one-two punch will help keep your system maintained.  As there are other programs as well, I suggest visiting my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer.  Not sure what antivirus program you are using, most are very intrusive and want to do more than just monitor and scan for viruses. They now want to be your complete security package which is completely wrong in my opinion, since having these things always running in the background, monitoring things will only cause things to slow down, and is more than likely what your current problems are due to.  It is for this reason that I also suggest uninstalling malwarebytes once you have performed a scan.   If you go to my SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page from my website you will find a number of other programs in the PINK section that I recommend installing, including AVAST ANTIVIRUS which is a free program. If you install this, choose CUSTOM and then de-select all the TOOLS items.. this way you will have a very clean antivirus program that only worries about viruses and doesn't continually monitor for other things. If you already have AVAST installed then go to add/remove programs and CHANGE the installation, this will bring up the change options within the program and you can de-select all of the TOOLS.

You can learn more about using CCLEANER from this website link:

It is things that are running in the START UP that you will most likely want to be checking for and disable or delete accordingly.

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mike, thank you for getting back to me.
Avast is my virus scanner and had already run that scan before I messaged you the question. I have run CCleaner and malware bytes and have removed the files that they have found and it is still making the stuttering noise in Windows media player, Netflix, YouTube And I even tried putting in a dvd to wath and it stuttered with that as well. I think it has something todo with the updates that took place on the 12th so I am really considering a system restore to before the updates, unless you can think of something else for me to try.

Hello again

Yes of course that is always an option--doing a system restore to the point just before it started making the problems however before you do that you should confirm you have ALL THE WINDOWS UPDATES, including the optional ones, since Microsoft pulled a bunch after a botched release last week. They issued new fixes Thursday which may not have automatically installed yet on your computer.

If all is up to date then you have nothing to loose by doing the system restore. Just be aware that if this solves the problem, you will probably find you have a bunch of windows updates to be done once again.. only this time they might actually work!


Mike Dacre
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