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Windows 7/2 pc saved picture locations


Hi and thanks for your time in helping us out.  When either I or my daughter take photos with our phones we send the pictures back into our emails to save them. We don't live near each other and we each have different make phones and both have different computers. But the same thing happens to us both.

The one commonality is we both still use Windows 7 so thought to ask the question here.(although maybe the problem stems from the wireless cellphone universe?). Anyway,here's what happens to both of the email, click to save the photo, and it will either be saved in Windows My Pictures or into Windows Downloads. This seems like it's done randomly to us so here is where we need your expertise.

Why do the photos get saved in 2 different locations? Why don't they all always go into the same location every time? Is there a memory limit on either location? Thanks again.

Hello Christine

Actually the problem is most likely nothing to do with your operating system (windows 7) but your method of opening your email. For example if you are using a web-based email like Google Gmail or Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo mail then it will depend on the web browser you use. Google Chrome will save any attachment to the downloads folder. The internet explorer will save to the last saved place so that could be your photos library (my pictures) but may also be your downloads folder.  If you use an email program like outlook then it too will follow the similar pattern as the Internet Explorer, both of which are Microsoft based, using whatever the last location to save.  You can always go in to the program options and choose a default location to save any files but regardless, if you use outlook for example, you will still get the save to dialogue window open when you go to save the attachment.  

Because the web based email programs use the web browser, the download location can also be changed from within the browser settings but with Google Chrome being the download directory by default, this is generally the best location since it acts like a 'sandbox' for all files you click on that download to your computer, which means if the file is malicious, it has less chance of corrupting an important folder like your photos library or 'my pictures'. Learn more about changing your default location in the Internet Explorer from this link:

You might want to install dropbox on your computer as well as your phone so that it will automatically upload your photos from your phone to the 'camera uploads' folder within your dropbox, which in turn will automatically sync to your desktop/laptop computer where you also have dropbox installed.  Then you can simply move the photos from the 'camera uploads' folder to your photo library on your computer which will allow you to then remove them from your phone to free up space for future photos. Dropbox is free and the more photos you upload, the more room you are provided with.  Dropbox has also now added 'carousel' which not only helps with the photo upload but provides a great photo gallery making it easy to view your photos within your dropbox folder.

Use the following link to get started with dropbox:

Then once you have installed the program on your computer, you can learn more about dropbox from this link:

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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