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  recently my laptop pc (windows 7) has been acting weird; everytime i put it it into sleep mode or try to shut it down, it restarts on its own. i have to try again and again before it finally does the correct function. also, sometimes my pc will shut off on its own (like literally the screen will just go blank) and within seconds the pc restarts itself. please help. thanks

Hi Gary,
The first thing I recommend is to run Malware scans on your system.  I recommend using:
Combo Fix
Spy Bot Search and Destroy
And the installed Anti-Virus software. I recommend AVG

Make sure to update all programs before scanning, Remove everything all programs find unless you are absolutely sure you know it is safe.

Before scanning I highly recommend using CCleaner to remove junk files such as internet cache. This will help speed up scan times.

If that does not solve the problem perform the following steps
Open a command prompt by pressing the Windows key and 'r' in the box that opens type sfc /scannow.  If a UAC confirmation windows opens click yes.

The last suggestion I have right now is to download the hard drive manufactures diagnostic utilities and run them to make sure the hard drive is still healthy.

If neither of these steps solves the problem ask us a follow up question and provide more detail if possible.

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