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Hi, Mike!

Ich have had an ernormous basic problem with Win7, which completely REKT my Windows Installer; Quote to the problem: "Some type of windows network adapter corruption combined with an issue with windows MSI. Transl​ation: Really bad." And this is only to be solved by a complete Win new-installation.

How do I best save all the non-system data on my PC like all separate .txt's and all dowloaded pictures? Would it be enough to just Copy C: and literally paste it into another Hard drive? Or would that mean, that the faulty system data would also be transferred, rendering my fresh hard disk useless?
In short: I want to have a complete new non-faulty system while keeping my private documents... How would you proceed with this?

Thanks so much for your Support! I would actually pay you but that does not seem possible.

Hello Dennis

Without knowing if your system is still up and running or not, then odds are you are going to want to first try to perform a repair install of windows. This basically reinstalls windows system files over the old and should get things working. If this fails then performing a new install of windows, it should detect the old and will place the old in a 'windowsold' folder where you can access everything after windows is up and running and move the files (from the user account(s) to the new user account).

The other method would be to first move everything, as you mentioned, from the drive c (but really all you should need is the user account and data but depending on where you may have saved some rogue files you are best to back up everything.  Personally speaking if you are getting to that point, the cost of a new hard drive (about $60) would mean you wouldn't have to do anything with the old drive and can use it as a secondary "data" drive after windows is reinstalled.

I will provide a number of links below with the various options of repair.. Note, if you have not created a usb flash drive boot disk of windows or a DVD of windows 7 then you are going to need to do that first. You will also need your cd key (certificate of authentication license key) which is usually on the side (or bottom-in the case of a laptop) of your computer case.

I should also mention in many computers that are store bought, they have a factory recovery partition where you can restore/reinstall windows from so you should be aware of that as well. Note, to access this partition you typically press one of the Function keys upon power up==you will need to check your motherboard/computer manufacturer for more information on this if you want to proceed that way.

Here are the links:

If you need to first download and make the windows flash drive get it here:

Installing and reinstalling windows (from microsoft support):

Non destructive reinstall (if windows is still functioning--sort of):

Performing a clean install of windows (useful if you are going to start with a new hard drive or freshly formatted one):

If you want to use the factory recovery partition then this might help:

I hope one of these will get you on your way!


Mike Dacre
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