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Windows 7/internet explorer couldn't start after changing graphics


Hello Scott

I couldn t find the right category. Hope you can help.

I am using windows 7 premium 64 bit. There are 2 graphics in the laptop. One is amd Radeon 6630 and the other is intel graphics. My Radeon has been crashing. So I uninstall it and use the intel graphics. (Anyway after uninstall in My computer, device manager, display adapter the icon is still there.)

The problem is when i click on internet explorer 11 the blue screen will come up and I have to restart. Same thing happens if I click on internet explorer again.

Initially it happens in Google chrome. But in catalyst manager I switched chrome to power saving mode and it solved the problem. But I couldn't with internet explorer 11.

Please advise. Thank you.



HI eddy

What is happening is that you are uninstalling the graphics card, but when you reboot windows plug and play is putting the drivers back in, it thinks its helping you.  You would be able to get the desired affect by right clicking and picking "disable"  This will force window into using the on board aslong as your main one is disabled.

It could be that your graphics card is not seated properly and causing the blue screen of death, or perhaps over heating.  If your confident in taking things apart, I would open up the laptop and check the card.  You could also check windows event viewer for any more clues as to the cause. The only other thing is to completely remove all drivers and download fresh ones.



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