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Windows 7/when i launch internet explorer 11 the blue screen of death will appear


QUESTION: Dear Computers Unlimited

Hope you can help with the problem.
I am using windows 7 home premium 64 bit genuine version and my laptop is Dell Inspiron 14R.

When I launch google chrome the blue screen of death will appear with the message at the bottom as follows:

Technical information:
STOP: 0x00000116

After that the laptop will restart and a dialog box will appear with the message:
Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown
Problem signature:
 Problem Event Name:   BlueScreen
 OS Version:   6.1.7600.
 Locale ID:   17417

Additional information about the problem:
 BCCode:   116
 BCP1:   FFFFFA8001BD04E0
 BCP2:   FFFFF88004634244
 BCP3:   0000000000000000
 BCP4:   0000000000000002
 OS Version:   6_1_7600
 Service Pack:   0_0
 Product:   768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

This does not happen with Internet explorer and Mozilla firefox, only with chrome.

Please advise.

Thank you


ANSWER: Hi Chan,
The stop error indicates a problem with the video card or driver.

From the file involved it appears you have an ATI video card. Download this file, you can use it to check to see if a update is available for your video card.

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QUESTION: Hello Computers Unlimited

Thank you for your answer. By the way my laptop is Dell inspiron 14R, windows 7 premium 64 bit genuine version, ati Radeon 6630m.

After installing the amd autodetectutility and downloading the correct drivers as recommended,  the laptop resolution changes to 800600 from 1366768 and a dialog box appear saying Amd graphics driver not installed or the device is not working properly. I have to do a system restore subsequently.

I have downloaded and installed the right drivers and catalyst suite as detected by the amd autodetect. I also tried with another previous version (second latest version) and the same thing happened.

Please advise. Thank you.


ANSWER: Hi Chan,
I looked on Dells website, there are about 6 different versions of the 14R. Please let me know what the Service Tag is

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QUESTION: Hello Computers Unlimited

Thanks for the reply. My service tag is 62Y3YP1.



Hi Chan,
The link below is for the latest version of the driver from Dell. You may have to uninstall the currently installed drivers and reboot before you can install the version from Dell.

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