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Windows 7/I lost part of the address bar


Last night while online I noticed the bottom bar area(sorry don't know what it's technical name is)flickering. When I tried to go to a different webpage that I've added to my favorites, the top bar area was gone. In other words the address bar was there but was nothing showing for favorites. This morning still the same. I activated system restore but still no change. Now what do I do to get it back? Thank you so much!

Hello Christine

It sounds to me like your browser taskbar has become hidden. Either that or you are operating in 'full screen mode'. If you have windows 8 then you may also be running in windows 8 mode which is always full screen.  Since you didn't mention your operating system (windows 7 or 8) or the browser you are using (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), I can't give you any more information on how to correct the problem other than to go in to the browser preferences and make sure you have the taskbar not set to 'auto hide' and/or full screen mode.

You should not use system restore for things like this... in fact as you witnessed, it didn't fix the problem anyway (it typically doesn't as I have found system restore works about 1 in 30 computers I have attempted use on) as well it would depend on what you are attempting to fix since this is more like a setting, the system restore has nothing to fix.

As always you should make sure your system is free and clear from malware/spyware issues by using both CCLEANER and Malwarebytes as they seem to do the best job at routine maintenance.

You can get CCLEANER (free) from the following link:

You can learn how to use CCLEANER from the following link:

Download Malwarebytes (also free) from the following link:

Learn how to use Malwarebytes from the following link:

The one thing I do in both of these programs options/preferences is turn off the monitor feature so that the program is not always running in the background. This only slows your computer down.  Use these programs like tools when you want to clean and optimize your system only as that works best.

I hope this helps with your problems.


Mike Dacre
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