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Windows 7/transfer Win 7 from old to new desktop PC


QUESTION: I live in Thailand where it is difficult to obtain in good English an advise on the following :

I have a "boxed" and legit CD with Windows 7 and I want to transfer it to a new PC

a. would it be possible to make use of the latest complete Win controlled "back up" on the old PC to transfer
- the Win 7 operating system to the new PC (can this include the activation procedure on the old PC?)
- the many applications I have installed on the old PC

b. do you have experience with Laplink software ?
I do not understand how the full "C disk" with OS and applications can be installed on the new PC without problems with the drivers (so many things such as the motherboard will be different)

ANSWER: Hello Ferdinand

If you are wanting to transfer files and settings from one windows 7 machine to another then the easiest way is to first install windows on the new machine. As you said you have the new cd ready to go. Once you have installed it, use the 'windows easy transfer' feature.. the one built in will not be up to date so go to the following website and install the latest version. You will need to do this on both machines. Then just follow the steps and it should make life much easier for you. Here is the link for the latest Windows  Easy Transfer program:

Laplink software does pretty much the same thing but may also be able to transfer the entire program that windows easy transfer may not do. But that only means you would have to install the program again on the new computer which in my opinion is best anyway, since it gets a clean installation. The easy transfer will have already transferred the program's data if it didn't transfer the program. With Laplink you are basically paying for something when you should be able to do it for free.. but that's just my opinion.. any time you introduce a third party to the mix, you are likely to create more potential problems and in this case, understanding the program whereas windows easy transfer just works!

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mike I am again
The Backup of my Win 7 does not work anymore : see attached snipping
- the old Backup indicated on external disk M "My Book TV" does not exist anymore on this disk M
- the links "Manage Space" or "Turn on Schedule" or "Change Settings" do not respond to clicks
- I could create to-day a "System Image" on a new external HD which I have N as name (I still have the System Repair Disk I made after first Backup on previous HD which was M)

Hello again

From the error message you are getting it appears to me you are attempting to use the backup software that came with your external drive? I highly do not recommend this for the exact error message you are getting. The problem with 3rd party backup software is just that--it is 3rd party which means it is installed after windows and if for some reason windows becomes corrupted then things simply don't work because the software is not recognized.  Unless you are using a good 'image creation' software like Paragon's Hard Drive manager and creating an image of your system to the external drive then go for it.  In your original question you were asking about laplink but this sort of program attempts to transfer in real time from one machine to the other. I have never had much luck with this sort of thing but do know that the built in windows easy transfer works great.  If you have an external drive which it sounds like you do then I suggest using the windows easy transfer and choosing to save the easy transfer file from the old computer to the external drive, then plug in the external drive to the new computer and perform the windows easy transfer and point it to the external drive for the data restore process. The reason this is best is because all of your data from the old computer is on the external drive so no matter what ends up happening on either computer, your data is safe.

Worst case scenario once you have done this backup, and knowing you have the windows cd, you should be able to perform a clean install (reformat and install windows) and then use the easy transfer.. personally speaking, this is the way I would go as I would be sure to have a good clean working system.


Mike Dacre
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