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Windows 7/cannot create system image in hard disk


Dear Computers Unlimited

I am using windows 7 premium 64 bit genuine edition.

When I wanted to create a system image the only option available is on dvds only,  even though the hard drive option is shown. When I try to select the hard drive option, the  'next' button is faded.

I don't have external hard drive and I intend to save in the internal drive. How to activate this option?  The image is quite large, around 55gb and I don't want to use dvds.

Thank you. Reply and solutions very much appreciated.


Hi Eddie,
You cannot save a backup image to the same drive as you are backing up.

Also the location the image will be saved needs to be formatted NTFS.

This link maybe helpful to you

I do not recommend doing a complete system image. You only need to backup your personal files (documents, pictures, etc.).  I recommend using Syncback from It has a lot more features than the option Microsoft provides with Windows.

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