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I have Windows 7 Pro that I bought with my computer and am happy with it.  I also purchased Windows 8.1 Pro at a bargain price and hate it.  I am interested in trying the FREE Windows 10 Pro but do not want to dismiss Win 7 Pro because the rest of the family doesn't want to change and I might not like 10.  So, my question is:

Can I use Easy BCD or some other dual/multi boot software to dual Boot the 7 and 8.1 versions, then accept the immediate free Windows upgrade on the 8.1 partition, and then be able to dual boot 7 and 10?  It seems that this would work.  Any thoughts?

Hi Bill,
Yes you can duel boot Windows 7 and Windows 10.

You will need to have two partitions on one hard drive or two separate hard drives.

This link will help you

When you are ready to install Windows 10 you will need to install a previous version of Windows first then upgrade to 10, if you do not have a key.

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