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Hello Mike

Glad to learn you are volunteering at since its very beginning. That must be more than 10 years. I came across this great site in the late 90ies.

My question goes for something hard to google, since I get drownded by Tons of irrelevant results.

My problem lies in the Windows Explorer Search bar, which is to find in the upper right corner of every Explorer Window (BTW, OS is Windows 7 home premium SP1).

You know, the searchbar gives you a Choice for the latest three search terms, typed in, for a lookup, before. These 3 terms show up when you start to type-in a term. Problem is, you never see more than the very latest three ones. Every new search term would overwrite one of the latest 3 terms.

My all-day work with Win7 brings a lot of varying and repeating search tasks (eg. for names) within large folder hierarchys. So it would help me strongly if I could rely on, say, the latest 10 search terms. Is there a way to expand the list of terms, to higher count? Maybe by altering a Registry Entry? What a relief that would be! My "work-around" is to keep relevant explorer windows long-time opened, in order to keep quick access for later-again needed specific files. But this isn't a solution, since it populates the taskbar to a confusing extent.

Well, I hope, you got an understanding of my problem, but honestly, I would be very surprised if there is a solution to it. When asking google, it seems, I'm alone with such kind of need. haha.... can't believe it.

Big Thank you, in Advance,



Yes I think I was one of the first to sign up to

With regards to your question.. I believe the easiest answer to tell you is to UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10.. there is really no reason not to.. it is faster, more streamlined, will work with all existing programs and the search capabilities are simply amazing... i

If you are wanting to continue to use windows 7.. instead of using the explorer search, why not just use the start menu search?  It is much more effective.. especially since you are wanting more results.. just click on the start menu and start typing what it is you are looking for.. the more you type the more narrowed the search becomes..

If you were to look at my computer desktop you would find no icons on it.. other than the chrome browser icon on my quick launch tray I utilize the start menu search.  Much faster than clicking clicking clicking

I still think upgrading to windows 10 is a good idea though.. since it is free upgrade for the first year, you should be taking advantage of it. I have installed on about 100 computers and no problems whatsoever.. some of my clients are 80+ years of age and they actually love windows 10.


Mike Dacre
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