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Windows 7/Can I upgrade to Win 10 if Amd graphic chip not working and no driver, running on built in graphics.


Hello Computers Unlimited

I hope I am in the right category and you can help.

My laptop is Dell Inspiron 14R N4110 running Intel i5 core 2 duo,  Windows 7 home premium, AMD Radeon 6630m graphics. The Amd Radeon chipset is no longer functioning and the driver is also disabled. It is currently using the built in Intel graphics. As a result in Device Manager the Intel graphics is shown, not the Amd driver.

I do not play any games and use it mainly to surf internet and word processing. Therefore the Intel built in graphics currently suffice.

I' ll like to know given the conditions can I upgrade to Windows 10 whereby the icon has already appeared in the desktop asking me to upgrade?  I am afraid windows update will start looking for and update Amd driver if I upgrade to win 10 and this will cause problems.

Your reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Chan,
Yes you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10.

The Windows 7 drivers are compatible with Windows 10 so it it is hard to say what will happen with the video drivers. Windows 10 may have an updated, driver it may not.

Notebooks do not usually have the same type of hardware, IE a video card, from multiple venders,IE Intel and AMD. Additionally the AMD video card you mention has not been installed in the Inspiron 14R N4110, according to the Inspiron 14R N4110 website, the AMD 7000 series is installed instead.

You can also use the Intel and AMD Auto detect utilities to make sure you have the proper and latest drivers for you video card.

AMD Auto detect utility:

Intel Auto detect utility:

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