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Windows 7/upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10?


My Dell desktop computer which I bought in 2012 came with Windows 7 Home Premium. In the last year or so it's gotten unstable as far as booting and rebooting, sometimes it gets stuck on a black screen and doesn't get to the Windows 7 log in screen. I have to unplug it and then it USUALLY boots up but once it didn't and I needed MAJOR help. Since then I have disabled the Windows 7 automatic updates since they often require reboots.

I have tried using many utilities including the Windows 7 startup repair on the OS CD, it found nothing and suggested System Restore which failed and I have no old restore points anyway. Various registry repair tools did nothing, neither did various virus and malware scans.

I have created a Windows 7 emergency boot CD and backed up my data but I am worried that the next crash might be worse than the last. I am wondering if at this point I should try the free Windows 10 upgrade which I've been putting off. What do you advise?

Hi Theo,

I would try running the Dell Diagnostic Tool just to make sure it's not a hardware problem.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, I would double check to make sure that all your software are compatible with the latest version. It might be a good time to upgrade now if your system meets all the requirements (which Microsoft will tell you when you run the upgrade).

If you backed up your data already from the hard drive, you can even perform a new install instead of an upgrade install. I usually recommend this over an upgrade since it will be in a brand new state from the beginning. Just make sure you backed up all your data (even if it's for upgrade) and get your Windows 7 25 character product key ready.


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