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bought a has windows 7.the tag on bottom says windows xp media center.i had it checked and it says compatible for windows 10.i started the download and went completely through.i restarted and it starts opening and stops.tried using the f12 key and no hope.all I have now is a dark screen with just the mouse cursor.dont have recovery their anything I can do to put back to windows 7?

Hi Bruce,
You can put Windows 7 back on your computer. If you have the product key that was on the computer before the upgrade to Windows 10, all you need is a Windows 7 CD for whatever version (IE Home, Professional etc, It was most likely Home) was on the computer prior to upgrading. The easiest thing would be to ask a friend if they have one, if not you can download it from

If you do not know the product key you will have to buy a new copy of Windows. You can still get Windows 7 from

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