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I'm having problems with Windows Update.  When I run it and select all 15 important updates and 2 optional updates it runs and then says that 2 updates weren't installed.  When I reboot it takes a long time booting while it displays a message saying that it's backing out updates.  When I run Update it says that there are 2 updates that need to be installed, but if I look at the log (Windows Update Log.jpg) it says that 1 of the 15 updates was successful.  If I run Update again immediately it takes quite a while to display and then again lists 15 important updates (Important Updates.jpg) and 2 optional updates that need to be installed.   

This has been going on for a few months.  I decided it wasn't going to go away my itself so I'm trying to fix it now.

This is Windows 7 on an HP Desktop about 5 years old with all updates applied before this problem started.   

How should I proceed?  


The first thing to try is to navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete everything in the SoftwareDistribution folder and run Windows update again.

Before running Windows Update again I also recommend downloading and installing CCleaner and then checking all check boxes under the Windows and Applications tabs except the ones pertaining to saved passwords if you save your passwords in IE, Firefox or Chrome. Then click the "Run Cleaner" button

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I tried to move the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to C:\Users\Mike\Temp\Software Distribution.  When I did the ReportingEvents.log folder wouldn't move because "Application Experience" has it open.  The EventCache folder wouldn't move because "another program" has it open.  Everything else (1.49 GB) was moved.  

I tried to download the free version of CCleaner.  However when I did that my AV application ESET found a Potentially Unsafe Application (Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D) embedded in it.  I didn't continue.  I know CCleaner has value but I'd rather not expose myself to a toolbar hijacker.  

I ran Windows Update: it said no updates available.  I clicked on Check Updates and it said "Windows could not search for new updates.  Error 80248014".

This wasn't encouraging, so I tried to put Windows Update back to where it was.  I closed Windows Update, & deleted the new folders (WuRedir & DataStore) it had created in Software Distribution.  I copied back everything that I had moved, and ran Windows Update which again says that 15 important updates and 2 optional updates are available.  I checked for updates & it's running a long time but my guess is that it's back to where it was.  

What now?  


Hi Mike,
Where did you try downloading CCleaner from? I only download it from the creaters website, Piriform. I should have (and usually do) provided the link to their website, I apologize for not providing it to you

From what I have been able to learn from researching the error number you gave me the Windows Update software on your system is corrupted or at least in part.

Delete the contents of the C:\Users\Mike\Temp\Software Distribution folder again. You may need to go into safe mode to delete them all. This link explains how to enter safe mode

Try the following:
Click start, in the search box type command, right click 'Command Prompt' and select Run as Administrator. A block Window will open. In the this window type fsutil dirty set c: then reboot and allow the system to check you drive. This checks for errors with the file system.

When you get back into windows open Command Prompt again as you did above and type sfc /scannow. This will check for errors with Windows core components.

Try Windows Update again. If you are still having problems please ask a follow up and I will provide you additional trouble shooting tips.

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