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QUESTION: My father has a dell desktop computer which is about 5 years old that was purchased with Windows 7.  My father must have clicked on something to install windows 10 because windows 7 is no longer showing on his computer.  The problem is, the computer is stuck at the logon page.  I have typed in his password but the computer won't do anything.  I have tried unplugging it and waiting 10 minutes to restart it and still I can't get the computer to go past the logon page.  My father is 92 years old and misses reading the wall street journal on it but I am helpless to help him.  Please tell me how to uninstall windows 10.   Thank you!


If you are at the login and don't know how to proceed, you can restart the computer to advanced settings and then from there you should be able to choose GO BACK TO WINDOWS 7

Use the following link to learn how to get to the advanced start options from where you are

basically holding the shift button and then clicking on the restart should provide you with this.

Once you get to the advanced start up options you should see the option to go back to previous build (windows 7)

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I went back to my dad's computer.  The first screen that comes up is the lock screen.  The top says welcome to Windows 10!  THe second line has their username and a box to enter in their password.  There is a next button at the bottom right.  There is no start button or restart option.  I tired a million options that I found online including your to get a start menu but still can't get one.   I can press F2 and access the set up menu.  

Is there a way to get to a start menu from the lock screen? Or, do what I need to do from the the F2 set up menu?

In order to get to the advanced start up menu you will first need to hold the shift key while you click on the power and choose restart.

Since you are at the lock screen you still have the ability to shut down or restart from the power button. If nothing else you can always just press AND HOLD the power on the computer until the system shuts off. If you do this then wait about 10 seconds before turning it on to allow the hard drive to spin down.  When you turn it back on you should get the boot up options. If it goes back to the sign in screen just do the same thing again. It may take a few tries but eventually you should get to the advanced boot options and you can then choose what I mentioned previously from the links provided.


Mike Dacre
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