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Windows 7/pc completely froze during video


QUESTION: Mike, I had no idea which category to ask this. I got a new desktop pc with Windows 10 a couple weeks ago. I've watched videos before and no problem. But then I was watching a video interview 45 minutes long and everything was fine (when I right clicked on the video it uses adobe flash player). Until half way through, I heard a buzzing sound from the speakers for a couple seconds and everything froze- couldn't move the mouse or even bring up task manager, nothing. My only option was to shut down manually and reboot. I watched a little bit of the video again and it seemed ok, so I hope it was an isolated incident related to that particular video. But I don't know, since it's a new computer. Any idea what would cause that? Thanks

ANSWER: Hello Lee

it's always about the device driver updates.. with windows 10 it is much better, as it doesn't simply wait for 'patch tuesday' and if there are updates to be done, they will get done as they become available. But this also means you should be restarting your computer on a daily basis (I typically suggest leaving it on all the time) since all the maintenance and updates that happen automatically can be done when you are not using the computer.. allowing it to go to sleep is no good either.. the constant power up and down of the hard drive will kill it much quicker than leaving your system on all the time. Sure, the monitor is set to turn off after 10 minutes of no activity.. so where am I going with this to help your current situation? As I mentioned, it's the drivers.. even though you may go to your windows update and it says you are up to date, when it comes to DISPLAY drivers, windows will likely be using the Microsoft version of certain display cards. ATI (AMD) is a common one.  What you should do is RIGHT CLICK on the start menu button and choose DEVICE MANAGER from the menu.

Once in the device manager click on the > next to DISPLAY ADAPTERS.  Note the manufacturers type.. for example if it says ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics (an example) then double click on this and then click on the DRIVER tab. There you will see the driver provider.  If it says Microsoft then you should be going to the AMD website and installing the actual ATI Radeon 3000 driver.  In fact once you have done this, within a day or so, or if you invoke 'check for updates' through the windows update, likely there will now be a new display driver available from microsoft.. the same driver.. but now that you have installed the ATI/AMD version you should be good.

Now all of this being said, you are also dealing with the dreaded ADOBE FLASH.. these too need to be updated, but my question would more likely be'what browser were you using at the time?"  If you say anything other than Chrome than the problem is likely within the browser and adobe.. Chrome utilizes most of its own stuff for these things.. in fact will be killing off Flash very soon.

Finally, the fact that you have a  new computer tells me there are likely many things running on start up that shouldn't be. I suggest installing CCLEANER if you haven't already and clean things up, removing or at least disabling things on start up that you know are not required. Get CCLEANER from their website here:

I also suggest using PC Decrapifier which will go through and allow you to remove many items of software/trialware and crapware that came with your computer. Get the free PC Decrapifier here:

You can learn how to use ccleaner to the best of its abilities from this website:

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Mike,

There's very little enabled in startup, I disabled what I don't need. I also ran decrapifier and expected to see a ton of stuff, but it said there was nothing recommended to be removed, not even questionable items, so that was good.

I looked at the driver under Display Adapters and it didn't say Microsoft, but Intel, which is the driver it's supposed to be. But you said if my browser is anything other than Chrome then the problem is likely within the browser and adobe. The Adobe installed is up to date, but my browser is Firefox. Could it still be a problem with either of those? I also wonder about the buzzing sound right when it happened, what would cause that? And if you still think it's a driver, wouldn't it be consistent? Because so far, it's only done that once. I'm hoping it was just a fluke and one time thing. Sorry for all the questions, thanks


As you mentioned you have intel drivers you will want to go to the intel driver update and install the automatic driver utility.

from this link:

as for the buzzing sound, this is because you were watching a video which typically has sound and when you have everything frozen, it also freezes the audio wherever it was at, causing the buzzing.

Firefox basically sucks.. why? Because in order for firefox to function correctly you need to have so many plug-ins.   No browser gets along well with adobe but you will have a greater chance of success (or at least less failure) using the chrome browser.

There is no doubt however, that your problem is related to a little bit of everything-starting with an obvious device that needs updating.

I hope the intel driver updater works.


Mike Dacre
follow me on twitter @tpsconsulting

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