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Windows 7/Start up problem in win 10


QUESTION: Hello Mike

I was having win 7 with avast antivirus. Then I upgraded to win 10. The avast was working. Then I did a system restore in win 10. After that the avast did not turn on. The system restore came out with a message saying system restore was not complete due to something with the avast.

Anyway since I have the Windows defender I uninstalled the avast. But the avast is still showing but it cannot worked ie cannot be turned on. I tried to reinstall but it said some thing with root problem.

Is it because it is still in win 7? How can i reinstall back or uninstall completely in win 10?

Thank you .



ANSWER: Hello Eddie

I love Avast however you will want to reinstall only after you have cleaned it out and restarted your computer using the avast removal tool which you can get from this link:

Note it may tell you to perform this in safe mode but with windows 10 you don't need to worry about this. The removal tool worked for me every time. Getting in to windows 10 safe mode is kind of a pain if you don't really need to since it would also mean restarting your computer a total of three times.

I also suggest disabling windows defender.  First go to the defender settings and turn off all three slider switches to OFF.
Then go to the following link and I suggest using option 2 (the reg edit method)

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Mike

Thanks for your reply. Before I followed your advice I did a system restore in safe mode in win 10. This time the restore was clean and did not affect the avast.

If I may ask further, now that I am in win 10 from 7 whenever I on/start the laptop, the win 10 logo will appear and then there will be a blank screen. It won't start further. So i press the on button again and this time it starts promptly and the desktop screen appears. This happens quite frequently.
But sometimes it starts promptly.

I am using Intel core i5 processor and 2gb ram. According to Microsoft this is more than enough.

Thanks again. Your reply is very much appreciated.



Hello Again Eddie

You are going to want to check your power management settings.. I set mine to SLEEP only when running on battery (after about 45 minutes) but have the screen go blank after 1 minute on battery and 10 minutes when plugged in.  The next thing to check is the lid settings.. I have mine set to DO NOTHING when plugged in to ac power (that way I can just close my lid at the end of my day when it is plugged in and any and all updates and routine maintenance tasks can get done. If it is on battery then closing the lid will put it to sleep.  You are going to want to also go to the DEVICE MANAGER (right click on the windows start menu and choose DEVICE MANAGER from the menu.. then go to the NETWORK ADAPTERS and double click on the wireless networking adapter and check the POWER MANAGEMENT.. be sure this is not enabled as it will disable you from the internet when it feels like it.. you can also check the ethernet adapter as in this case you will want to leave that enabled which will also allow your system to 'wake up' in the case you remote connect to your device.

Finally, you will want to look at the screen saver and lock menu settings. RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the desktop and choose PERSONALIZE. Since you don't require a screen saver these days I don't have mine set but the 'lock screen' still can affect your sign in.. if you have one.. if you don't then again, check your other power management and screen saver settings. you will notice, for example, under the screen saver settings is a check box for 'on resume, display login screen so if this is checked (even though you have the screen saver set to 'none') it will cause that sign in screen so if it is checked, you will need to set a screen saver and then you can de-select it and then set the screen saver back to NONE.

I hope this helps


Mike Dacre
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