Windows 7/C drive full


Suddenly my C drive is so full that
Photoshop can't open image files.
Until recently my usage was way
less than capacity.

I suspect that Photoshop "scratch"
files are the culprit, but I can't
locate them.

I did regain the capacity to OPEN
image files by deleting some
of my larger identitiable files,
but the C drive is still close
to being full.

Hi James,
See if the following link helps you out any.

I would also recommend downloading and installing CCleaner from, then download and copy to the CCleaner program folder ccenhancer and run and click download latest. Run CCleaner and check all boxes under the Windows and Application tabs on the left then click Analyze when the analyses is complete click clean.

Also run MS Disk Cleanup under Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup. Again check all check boxes before running.

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