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Hello Kevin

I upgraded from 7 to 10 recently. Everything worked well. Then I have start problems due to hibernate and sleep. So in automatic repair I tried almost everything as far as going back to win 7. But Windows said it failed. Ask me to troubleshoot in win 10. Finally I tried to reset the pc. While resetting halfway win 10 said it failed to reset. Off my laptop.

When I on it again it got this message on the screen which I attached. May I know what to do? Worst I just have to buy a new laptop.

Thank you



Hi Eddie,

How did you do the Windows 10 upgrade? Was it a direct download from Windows 7 and you upgraded there or did you download Windows 10 to a USB flash drive or memory card for the upgrade?

You can try 3 things now:

1. Power on the computer again and see if you spot any text that says press some key to access setup or aka BIOS. You need to be quick on this so just tap the key immediately. Depending on the manufacturer for your computer, it's usually the F2 or Del key. Once the BIOS, do not change anything you are not familiar with. Just use your arrow keys to navigate and see if you can find a devices or hard drive section. Hit ENTER key to go into each section. You want to make sure you can see your hard drive so we can rule out any hardware issue with the hard drive or the cable (which you should also check to make sure it's not loose or damaged, do this with the computer powered off completely).

2. If you didn't save the Windows 10 install to a USB flash drive or memory card, please download it from:

At the bottom, you should see a download link for the media creation tool. Depending on your internet speed this may take a little while to download. Once downloaded, run it and follow the instructions.

Once that's done, leave the USB or memory card attached and restart the computer. It should be able to boot to the USB flash drive. If not, you will need to go back into the BIOS (step 1 above) and look for the "boot sequence" or something similar and make sure that the USB or memory card is listed on the top of the list or at least before your hard drive.

If you can boot to the Windows 10 repair screen, you can follow the below instructions:

3. This is basically a last resort and as long as it's not a hardware issue, I recommend doing a clean install of Windows 10. You will lose ALL your data (which I hope you already backed up prior to upgrading to Windows 10 anyway). Boot from the USB or memory card and instead of doing a repair, you will want to do a clean/fresh install. I usually recommend doing this regardless as an upgrade may have other junk left behind from the previous Windows version.


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