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QUESTION: I have windows 7 on my laptop and it recently did an automatic update and ever since then the battery indicator that says how charged the battery is well it isn't there any more. Is there a way to get this back?

ANSWER: Hi Gary,
On the Windows 7 task bar beside the clock where the battery life icon should be are two arrows pointing upward. Click on those two arrows and select customize. Look for Power on the left under the heading Icons. In the drop down box next to Power make sure that Show icon and notifications is selected then click Ok.

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QUESTION: there is a single arrow pointing up but when I clock on it, left or right click, nothing comes up that says customize or power.

Hi Gary,
I apologize for the delayed response. Below is another way to do what you want.

1). Right-click the Taskbar and click Properties
2). In the Taskbar Properties window click the Notification Area tab.
3). Finally, uncheck Hide inactive icons to disable this feature and check this option if you want for this feature to be enabled.

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