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Something changed my keyboard settings. This might be a very simple issue for someone more familiar, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

The volume up and down buttons only work on my keyboard if I hold FN and press the volume up or volume down button on my keyboard. For some reason, simply pressing the volume buttons is no longer working like they used to. Any idea how to fix that?

Hello Paul,

thanks for your question!
I have takebn it from the Pool as other experts didn't know the answer and put it there.

Depending on the type of keyboard you have, using the FN key is normal for using extra functions (FN stands for "Function") that are usually not part of a normal keyboard. Logitech desktop keyboards, Acer netbook and Lenovo notebook keyboards e.g. work like that with a blue row of functions on the upper key line. Such are then used together with the FN key.

Some keyboards also using the FN key like a caps-lock key, you press it once and then it's permanently active.

You have to tell me what desktop keyboard or notebook/netbook you use to be able to tell you maybe more. In most cases I would simply refer to the manual myself.

I also had the same problem in Winodws 8 X64 myself too, that the keys didn't work at all anymore, then I had to update the keyboard drivers.

Hope this helps!
All the best!

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