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Hi PowerEdge Tech

Hope you can answer this question. You did a great job the last time.
My friend is thinking about getting an Ipad. I have been trying to steer her in a different direction.
My question... Does Ipad have a browser for surfing the internet, or is it used just for email, or texting? She wants to surf the internet with it. If not then she will get a windows compatable system.
Thank you

Hi David!

Yes, the iPad has a browser - it uses Apple's own browser, called Safari (also available for Windows systems).  Safari should offer a full browsing experience, but Google's Chrome and Firefox are available to install on the iPad.

There are three major markets in tablets:  

iPad - I am NOT an Apple fan, but my wife has an iPad mini, and it is a smooth, polished tablet experience - if it were not Apple, I would be a fan :)  It has a very developed App Store, which usually has a high-quality app for pretty much everything, and if there is a "must-have" app out there, it will be in the Apple App Store.  There are more apps you pay for on an iPad than for an Android device.

Android - Android has a huge store of apps, but they are much less strict on what goes up there, so you while there are more apps, some may be garbage compared to others.  My experience with Android is that you need to get the higher-end systems for a smooth and fluid experience, as the cheaper ones can be choppy and slow.  Android is less "polished" than the iPad (probably because it is not a single company overseeing its quality - there are dozens and dozens of manufacturers putting out Android tablets).  If going with Android, do your homework before buying to get a good model.  I include the Nook (less a full-blown tablet and more a reader with tablet qualities) and the Kindle HD/HDX with the Android group - they run very customized versions of Android, and are usually limited to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon (respectively) stores for apps.  If you use one of those ecosystems (Nook, Amazon), then they make great companion devices.

Windows - Windows-powered tablets come in two major varieties:  full tablet, traditional tablet.  A full tablet (like the Surface Pro) runs a full version of Windows 8, capable of installing third-party software just like on a regular computer.  A traditional tablet (like the Surface or a number of devices from Asus, Dell, etc.) runs a special version of Windows 8 (called Windows RT) that allows only apps from Microsoft's app store to be installed.  This ensures the stability of the device, but severely limits what you can do with it.  Because Windows tablets are relative newcomers to the tablet market, there app market is very small compared to Android and Apple.  For example, apps like Candy Crush and wireless network scanning apps are not available on Windows devices (yet).

Feel free to follow up with any additional questions you might have.

Good luck!

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