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QUESTION: Hi Saed. Hope you've been doing well. Do you know how can I take my video I recorded using my built-in webcam on windows 8 and share it with others on youtube and through email?

ANSWER: Hello Sterling

you can upload the video directly to youtube " requires a google account , they are for free" then open and sign in with that account then you will see a button that says upload , browse to your video and let it upload while its uploading you can look at the settings if you want it to be shared for public or private etc..
when upload is done you will get an email from youtube saying your video is uploaded and active , then you can simply share that video with people by emailing them the link of that video or posting that link on facebook , twitter , etc..

hope that helps , if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime
have a good day

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QUESTION: Thanks for replying back Saed. I'm well aware of how to upload a video onto youtube. For I just published a new video to my channel at

Is a google account the same thing as being registed to youtube or having a gmail email address?

Are you saying the steps I need to take on getting my future videos I've recorded using my built-in webcam on windows 8 and to share it with others on youtube and through email is the following?

step 1. Record your video on the built-in webcam
step 2. Sign into youtube (I'm already registered)
step 3. click on the upload button, browse to the video and let it upload

yes google account is youtube account

and yes correct default steps the one you just mentioned , but  there are many ways that does that too using third party applications , most new webcam software does have the option that will let you record and upload without the need to goto

video editing software does that too , you tweak your video with it then you get an option to upload to youtube or any other media sharing websites.

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