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Der Power Edge,

I have been trying to download and install program files pertaining to a software virtual Organ (Hammond VB3), which is the nearest thing to the instrument I once owned and frequently used in my profession as Pianist/Organist.
I have (with great difficulty) managed to download these files in to a folder. These, though are listed as "zipped", which I do understand. However, I have not been successful in unzipping them.
Could you kindly advise me more how to unzip these, whilst they remain in the folder, together with any further advice you could offer on this subject?
Very many Thanks indeed and Best Regards,
Ken Tourle

Hi Ken!

I can only offer advice on the ZIP file, since I am not familiar with the software you mentioned.

A ZIP file is simply a way to combine many files into one for ease of download - sometimes the file(s) can be used without actually extracting/unzipping them, but you usually have to unzip them.

Simply right-click the ZIP file and choose Extract All ... it will extract the files to a folder with the same name as the ZIP file (unless you change it) ... you should be able to use the files normally at that point.  If not, then it is quite possible the file did not download correctly.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Good luck!

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