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QUESTION: Sir, I am about to buy a laptop that comes with windows 8.I just want to know if mobipocket reader is compatible and works well on windows 8.thank you.

ANSWER: Hi James!

I am not familiar with Mobipocket Reader, but according to the website, their latest version (6.2) is compatible with XP and Vista, but not Windows 7 or 8.  There may be a good reason for that (it may not work or is not compatible), or it is  possible that they simply did not test it.  So, it may work, or it may not.  There are various compatibility modes and tricks you can try to get it working, but these are not always successful.

Feel free to follow up with any additional questions you might have.

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your kind reply.As far as i know, mobipocket reader works well on windows 7.I have read on many forums that it works well with windows 7 and there is a website that says it ll work on windows 8 too. Here is the link
But its the description on that page what makes me doubt.they say it reads epub files and its not true.mobipocket reader can read kindle, .mobi and .prc files but not epub files.I am just assuming that since it worked well on windows 7, it should work on 8 too.Thanks Again

"I am just assuming that since it worked well on windows 7, it should work on 8 too."

This is "usually" the case, although not always.  Vista made significant changes to how applications run. For example, applications do NOT have access to the Program Files folder without the installer, so apps designed to write their temporary (or permanent) data (like settings, etc.) to the Program Files folder do not work in Vista/7/8 like they did in XP. Applications need to be aware of this and how to install to get around this (or work with it), like writing their data to a different folder (Program Data or App Data).  So, since it is verified compatible with Vista, in "should" have a good chance of running ok in subsequent OS's (7/8).

Good luck!

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