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QUESTION: Greetings PowerEdge Tech,

A couple of questions regarding Windows 8.

I recently bought a laptop with Windows 8 and find it very annoying that I have to log in to start my computer.  Is there any way to bypass that logging in?  (I am accustomed to Windows Vista with which I do not need to log in to start my computer).  

My next question: how do I change the e-mail address I use to log into my computer when using Windows 8?   

Thank you in advance,


ANSWER: Hi Yuzo!

To enable auto-login:

On the Start Screen, type netplwiz to search for the User Accounts applet and uncheck the box that requires a password to be entered.

To change the email address linked to your Windows account:  Move your mouse to the lower-right corner to get the Charms menu, Settings, Change PC Settings, and under Users you can disconnect an existing email/Microsoft account and assign a new one ... or you can create a local-only account (you will NOT be able to sync settings or use the Store with only a local account - you can however link a Microsoft account to a local account, instead of using a Microsoft account to log in).

Feel free to contact me with any follow-up questions you might have.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I followed your instructions but "under Users", I did not find any command to disconnect an existing e-mail.  As a matter of fact, I ended up closing the account associated with this log-in address.  Your instructions are incomplete.

It's pretty self-explanatory and there isn't really that much to it, past the "Users" screen, so I'm not sure where you have gotten confused.  So, to be exact, under Users, click on "Switch to a Local Account" (see the attached image).  This will disconnect your Microsoft account.  You will need to first provide the password for your Microsoft account, and then you will create a new local account/password.

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